Vehicle Servicing

Professional auto vehicle servicing - for all makes and models

Regular servicing ensures your vehicle is properly maintained, improves fuel efficiency and helps avoid costly future repairs. Make sure your get the most out of your vehicle by getting it serviced regularly. Your vehicle's servicing needs could range between 10,000 km - 30,000 km. Ask one of our expert mechanics about the right time to service your vehicle.

Feel free to talk to us about any special requirements with your vehicle.


Keeping your vehicle serviced means keeping it safe

By getting a professional auto vehicle service completed regularly on your vehicle, you can ensure that your transportation will last the distance.

Sometimes you won't know that there is a problem with your vehicle as many issues can be subtle. We give your vehicle a thorough service to ensure that you are driving a safe vehicle that you can rely on.



We won't leave you stranded, use our courtesy car!

We have two good quality, tidy and respectable courtesy cars so that you don't have to be inconvenienced while your light truck, campervan or car is being serviced.

If you require a courtesy car, please let us know so we can arrange one to be ready for you.


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