Tyre, suspension and wheel alignment services

Your one stop shop for tyres and wheel alignment.

Enjoy the convenience of having wheel alignment facilities on site, saving you time and effort. We have the only wheel alignment machine between Porirua City and Paraparaumu.

We offer Free Tyre Checks and can also advise you whether a wheel alignment is actually necessary. Contrary to what is portrayed by many service providers, a large percentage of vehicles do not require regular wheel alignments. Normal wear and tear on NZ roads should not affect the alignment of your vehicles wheels.

Tyre and wheel experts - get professional advice on the best product
for your vehicle

Get the best advice for your wheels, tyres and suspension from people who know the products and know the market.

You will receive the best advice on the best value product to meet your needs and budget.

Understanding your requirements is our priority.


Make sure your tyres are in good shape to keep your vehicle safe

Problems with tyres are often visual, but without knowing what you are looking for it can be hard to detect any problems. We are very experienced in the area and can quickly scan your tyres and recommend the best solution to your problem.

If your tyres are bald, have lost their shape or become deflated they can affect the drive of your car and your safety on the road.

We also offer puncture repairs on site.


Suspension and shock absorbers to protect your vehicle and its safety

By professionally servicing your suspension you can also increase the handling of your vehicle. We can check if your suspension is bouncing or if it is leaking oil, and make the necessary repairs.


Wheel alignments for improved tyre wear, vehicle handling and safety - all on one site!

Many mechanics don't have the equipment to complete wheel alignments, but when you come to Paremata Auto Services, everything is at one convenient site.

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